How to make purchase from us use your credit card?


1.       Enter into our website

2.       You can choose the languages and currency on the top left corner. For example, languages is English, Currency is Australian Dollar. Just as the following two pictures shows

3.       Then click the catalogue on the left of the webpage, you will see that all products with Australian Dollar price.

4.       Choose the products you are interested, Click the “Add to Cart”, take 160w monocrystalline solar panel as an example.


5.       You can choose to add more products or you can simply check out

On the top right, there is a shopping cart. Click it

6.       Then we enter into the shopping cart, it listed the items you selected and add to cart.


7.       Enter Discount code on the bottom left if there is any, and click the “,eg.


8.       After enter the discount code when you have any, then you will see that the total amount is deduct.


9.       Estimated the shipping cost by click “” , and choose the country you are going to ship it to. As you can see, the 160w monocrystalline solar panel is free shipping to Australia


10.   You can choose Paypal check out button on the bottom right


11. Then you can choose a way "pay with a debit card or credit card, or paypal credit"   

Then enter in the payment pages, You can choose the country you are located in, eg. Australia. and  choose credit as the payment method, enter the card number, And fulfill the required information.



12.   After you fulfill the required information , then click review and continue”

Then confirm everything, and you just complete the order, you will get receipt from the credit card company.

We will ship out the items within 1 work day after the payment and will update the tracking number. 






180watt solar panel



20A Solar Charge Controller


Energy Power


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