Dual Axis Solar Tracking System with Solar Tracker

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ECO-WORTHY dual axis solar tracking system can control the dual-axis linear actuator to make the solar panel to follow the sunlight, Keep the solar panel always face the sunlight. Dual-axis solar tracker controller is a basic component for the dual-axis solar tracker system. It can work with 12V/24V linear actuator, and make the solar tracker can substantially improve the amount of power produced by a system by enhancing morning and afternoon performance. Our dual-axis solar tracker with smart weather detector, stop working on cloudy days. Flat the solar panel during nighttime or rainy day. Flat the solar panel in the storm. It is a system which places the solar panels high on a pole and tracks them toward the sun all day. Production from a dual-axis solar tracker will increases annual output by approximately 40% compare to a fixed solar system.

Key Features
Generate More Power
Dual-axis solar tracker make the mounted panels turn face to sunlight any daytime. Compared to fixed solar panels, the PV power generation can increase at least 40% with the tracker.
With 2 axis driving and sensitive sunshine sensor, the solar tracker can rotate for 270°, and make the panels to absorb the sun irradiance from north, south, west and east sides.
Steady in Wind
There is a air speed sensor for windy days, when it detects heavy wind (data can be set manually), the solar tracker will auto reset the angle to horizon for keeping steady. Also, by drilling the expanding screws to ground, the base can firmly stand in hurricane or storm without problem.
For Different Panels
The cross rod length: 114.2in(2900mm) width: 29.4in(1000mm) Vertical rod length(each side): 45.6in(1160mm) width: 30.3in(770mm). With 1500N driving rods, it can easily carry 6 pieces of 200W panel, or 5 pieces of 300w panel.
For Yard/Farm/Field
Only require for 114.2in * 114.2in ground space, xxin height. It can be easily mounted in yard, farm, field and flat roof.

Package Includes
Dual Axis Solar Tracker Controller*1
12V 6inches(150mm) Linear Actuator with Bracket*1
12V 12inches(300mm) Linear Actuator with Bracket*1
Mounting Kit*1(Solar Panel Mounting Arms; Main Tracker Mount; Fasteners; Main Poles for Solar Panel Mount)

Receive sunlight and wind data, adjust tracker angle data, and transmit to the driver.
Sunshine Sensor
Detects sunlight in different directions through 4 boards, and transmits the information to the controller.
Wind Sensor
Detects wind speed for system returning to default position in windy days.

12V 6inches(150mm) Linear Actuator
North/South Linear Actuator
Voltage: 12V
Load Capacity: 1500N
Stroke Length(S): 6inches(150mm)
Speed: 5.7mm/s
Min Installation Distance(RS): 255mm/10.24inches
Max Current: 3A
Min Current: 0.8A
Waterproof: IP65
12V 12inches(300mm) Linear Actuator
East/West Linear Actuator
Voltage: 12V
Load Capacity: 1500N
Stroke Length(S): 12inches(300mm)
Speed: 5.7mm/s
Min Installation Distance(RS): 405mm/16.54inches
Max Current: 3A
Min Current: 0.8A
Waterproof: IP65

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mike Stewart
Good price

Week Unistrut, very difficult instruction manual. Still working at interpreting how to program settings, no one calling back to help

Works, but could use an editor

The product works as advertised.
Tracked the sun as advertised
Fairly easy to assembly

Areas of Improvement:
1. Instructions were at times confusing, as it looked to have been translated from another language to English, which caused some issues during the assembly.
2. Control panel instructions, if pretty useless
3. The solar array shakes and rattles in mild wind. Hoping this is not an issue during higher wind events

But otherwise, very happy and kinda cool to see it work.

Received remainder of my order

Did take some time to get the second package, not sure why they were not sent at the same time. Does appear to be all there, thank you for your response.

Jimmy Blanchette
Five Stars

Excellent Product and fast service

Marco Pinto
Great Customer Service

I had an issue where the micro controller is not recognizing the South azimuth voltage. After talking to customer service and sending them some pictures of the measurements, they are sending out a new device. I don't mind that there is a fault on the device, things happen. The important part is that the situation was resolved with such efficiency, in the most professional manner. I couldn't be more happy with the service that I have received.
Further, the shipping was super fast, and the package was boxed well. Eco-Worthy is definately the way to go on everything relating to renewable energy at an affordable price.

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