8-35V DC Wireless Remote Controller for Linear Actuator Door Opener


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Key Features
The main function of this set of controller is to control the positive and negative rotation of the DC motor, generally used for linear actuators.
The controller’s power supply is DC 8--35V, it has the function of reverse connection protection.
There is a manual switch with the controller, the positive &negative rotation plays the role as the limit switch protection.
The remote control can be inching control and self-lock control.
4 keys remote control more stable. Remote control distance: less than 328 feets/100 meters.

Package Includes
8-35V DC Controller for Linear Actuator*1
Wireless Remote Controller*1

8-35V DC Wireless Remote Controller
Input Voltage: 8V-35V
Output Voltage: 8V-35V
Max Amps: 10A
Fuse/AC Adaptor: yes
Prevent Back-connect Protection: yes
Remote Control Distance: less than 100M
On/Off Power Stable Voltage: yes
Overtime Protection: yes
Battery Size: 12V/23A

The Main Controller
1. Hand control: O is off position. Left side and right side are for corresponding forward or reverse control.
2. Connect to motor item: the positive and negative side are depend on your connecting ways.
The Wireless Remote Control
A: press A, the motor will positive forward, it will stop when loosen.
B: press B, the motor will negative turn, it will stop when loosen.
C: press C then loosen, the motor will insist positive forward for 1 minutes, then stop.
D: press D then loosen, the motor will insist negative turn for 10 minutes, then stop.


Please connect the two wires of linear actuator to "MOTOR" of the main controller, connect your 12V battery to "POWER" of the main controller.
For 2 pieces of actuators, please wire them in Parallel, then connect the two wires to "MOTOR" of the main controller.
Note If you use our (ECO-WORTHY) linear actuator, it doesn't need to connect to the M or N stage. Because our linear actuators have pre-installed limiting switches inside.

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