Linear Actuator 12V 1500N 2'' 4'' 6'' 8'' 10'' 12'' 14'' 16'' 18'' (50mm-450mm) Motor Door Opener

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Style: 2 Inch (50mm) Stroke
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ECO-WORTHY linear actuator is widely used in a number of industries, such as electric power, machinery, metallurgy, mine, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, lifting, construction, food and feed processing and so on. With reliable performance, sensitive action stable running, the same characteristics of push and pull and good environment adaptability, etc.

Key Features
Heavy Duty
The push and pull force can be up to 1500N vertically or horizontally. The alloy-steel shaft accompanied by metal gears allows it to push and pull up to 330lbs.
Good Material
Aluminum alloy housing, IP65 rated protection sealed against dust, water, and corrosion suitable for outdoors use. Internal limit switch, automatically switch off when it reaches in case of the motor idling.
Quiet & Comfortable
Move at 5.7mm/s, silent and stable, make sound lower than 50db, suit for hospital and massage. Built-in safety lock, stop at any position in the stroke.
Over current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, shock protection.
Quality Assurance
ECO-WORTHY has manufactured actuators for years through multiple technical testings, CE certificate. We have a professional and experienced technicians team to service you.

Type Voltage Stroke Length(S) Min Installation Distance(RS)
2 Inch (50mm) Stroke 12V 2 Inch (50mm) 155mm/6.11 Inch
4 Inch (100mm) Stroke 12V 4 Inch (100mm) 205mm/8.08 Inch
6 Inch (150mm) Stroke 12V 6 Inch (150mm) 255mm/10.24 Inch
8 Inch (200mm) Stroke 12V 8 Inch (200mm) 305mm/12.60 Inch
10 Inch (250mm) Stroke 12V 10 Inch (250mm) 355mm/14.57 Inch
12 Inch (300mm) Stroke 12V 12 Inch (300mm) 405mm/16.54 Inch
14 Inch (350mm) Stroke 12V 14 Inch (350mm) 455mm/18.50 Inch
16 Inch (400mm) Stroke 12V 16 Inch (400mm) 505mm/20.46 Inch
18 Inch (450mm) Stroke 12V 18 Inch (450mm) 555mm/23.62 Inch

Linear Actuator
Minimum Current: 0.8A
Maximum Current: 3A
Speed: 5.7mm/s
Max Load: Push 1500N/330LBS, Pull 1500N/330LBS
Duty Cycle: 25%
Limit Switch: Built-in, Factory Preset
Operation Temperature: -25℃-65℃
Protection Class: IP65
Material: Aluminum alloy
Rear Connector: No Rotation
Wireless Controller 1
Input Voltage: 8V-35V
Output Voltage: 8V-35V
Max Amps: 10A
Prevent Back-connect Protection: yes
Remote Control Distance: less than 100M
Wireless Controller 2
Input Voltage: 8-30V
Output Voltage: 8-30V
Max Amps: 5A
Prevent Back-connect Protection: Yes
Remote Control Distance: 5M

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