Component for 400W 12V/24V Wind Turbine Generator


Style: 3 Blades and Cone Parts
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ECO-WORTHY 400W 12V/24V Wind Turbine is a smart choice and affordable for remote homes and cabins in windy areas. Electricity produced by wind generation can be stored in batteries for household use when needed. Wind generators can be used alone, or they may be used as part of a hybrid system, in which their output is combined with that of photovoltaic. Hybrid systems are especially useful for winter backup of home systems where cloudy weather and windy conditions occur simultaneously.

20A Hybrid Controller
Rated Battery Voltage: DC 12V/24V
Rated Wind Generator Capacity: 400W/800W
Wind Generator Braking Voltage: 14.5V/29V
Wind Generator Recover Voltage: 13.2V/26.4V
Rated Solar Power: 500W/1000W
Max Discharging Current: 20A

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Arthur Foster
Fast Shipment of Correct Parts

Through no fault of the original design, I had to repair the blades of my 400w horizontal turbine generator. I found the right parts easily and they were reasonably priced. They shipped fast!

David Fritzler
It came early!

I purchased the unit, thinking I would have time to prep for installation... It is still not connected to the system but should be by the end of the week.
Weather was my culprit here. Plans were changed for the early delivery but the weather did not cooperate.

Once it is installed, there will be a lot of testing to make sure it fits the need. It has got to be more effective than the current method I employ to prevent over-charging the batteries.

Robert Kalayjian
Quick response to request for spare parts.

Wind turbine was working well until it accidentally hit a branch and broke one of the blades. Company was quick to help with replacement parts.

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