Battery Equalizer 24V Battery Voltage Balancer

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ECO-WORTHY 24V Battery Equalizer is used to maintain the charge and discharge balance between batteries of two 12V batteries connected in series, or multiple parallel chains of serial connected batteries. Keep Batteries in heath condition and extend battery service life.

Key Features
Intelligent Protection

Reverse protection can detect the reverse when uncarefully mix the positive and negative pole, protect the batteries from short circuit damage. And ECO-WORTHY battery balancer has adavantage of low consumption that less than 3mA when connected to the battery bank, don't worry about the drain out issue.
Quick Balancing

The maximum compensation current is 5A, it can quickly balance the difference of voltage and capacity. With the led indicator, you can monitor the batteries voltage states anytime.
For Different Batteries

It could be used on 12V lead-acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries.

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Customer Reviews

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Lee Szukalski

Great solar power

So Far So Good

Seems work great! I have no complaints at all about it. It works well with my go labs power box.

Ron Crooks
picks up even the faintest of sun

charged my portable generator in about 45 minutes

Dotan Yoo
Good panel

It proformed very well

william camilleri
ECO-WORTHY 60W Foldable Solar Panels

The ECO-WORTHY 60W foldable solar panels work seamlessly. I tested the panels under overcast conditions with the Jackery Explorer 240 and was amazed to see it was drawing 40. I think this will work just fine for me particularly when it is sunny. Very happy with my purchase and no regrets.

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