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200A Battery Monitor with Hall Sensor for AGM and Lithium (LiFePO4) Batteries

200A Battery Monitor with Hall Sensor for AGM and Lithium (LiFePO4) Batteries

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·For 9-100V Battery Bank: Suitable for 9-100V, 0-500AH battery bank. Auto recognition for different batteries, such as li-ion, LiFePO4, Gel, AGM, etc.
·Precise Data: the displays include battery voltage / current / power and current capacity, remaining time, and volume percent. It has backlight function for monitoring at night.
·Easier to Set Up: with hall sensor, it can be easier for wiring compared with the shunt. No necessary to install with screws. Just wire the cable through the hall sensor.
·Programmable Parameters: 14 items can be programmed, such as high/low voltage, amperage, temperature, etc. When reach the programmed value, the alarm will be sent out by flashing.
·Package Includes: 1x LCD display, 1x hall sensor, 1x xxin display-battery cable, 1x xxin display-hall sensor cable, 1x manual.
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ECO-WORTHY 200A Battery Monitor with Hall Sensor is an excellent addition to any solar system and will eliminate the guesswork from battery usage. This unit is able to monitor the amperage flowing out of the battery bank and will give an accurate state of charge reading on the LCD screen. Improve the overall performance and longevity of your battery bank.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Pellegrini
200A Battery Monitor

I liked all the options that were listed for this monitor but after I installed it, it doesn't seem to be as useful as I had hoped for, in my case anyway. It works fine although I had to manually set it up since I didn't want to drain my battery to zero in order for it to sync up correctly as it states. Didn't think that was a great way to start. I had a 2 AWG cable with a heavy duty lug that was attached to my battery so thats what was going through the sensor and it turns out the sense is the same size so it would not fit through it. I was able to shave a little bit of the copper lug on both sides in order to squeeze it through. If I had not terminated my battery cable already then it would have been fine, until I remove it. I also don't really care for the mounting option which is basically mounting it in a pre-existing rectangle of the same size and forced in place, which I can't see ever being the case. This isn't a standard thing so who has a hole like this, plus a DIY type never would anyway. I have to cut it into my wood wall but its really not the right way to mount this as the slightest miss in cutting it in will make it unusable as a wall mount option. Very, very little room for error. I would have preferred a trim plate that could allow at least a little room for error to be included. I also think it should be just a little bit larger so you can see and read it easier.

Overall its decent but it took me a while to get it to work right and I still do not have it mounted as I am contemplating how best to do that. This being a retail or DIY type of situation for most of us I assume, it would be better to figure how to mount in a wooden wall type environment. Something that is round, say 2.5" would allow a hole saw to be used, regardless of thickness, and then a 2.5" washer at the rear to hold it in place. Maybe allowing for up to 3/4' thickness.

First comments

The shipment took longer than expected. The packaging arrived without problems, it is adequate, but the instructions for use are confusing. Once installed I can give more information about it.


This is a real must have item I am getting much more use of my off grid system and saving more with this it way pays for itself and gives much more real time info than other types of devices

James Derrick

Is this compatible with two 150ah batteries?

Utah Mike
Battery monitor

Easy to install, easily readable screen.
Installed in my tent trailer