80W 12 inch Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Roof Vent Fan

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Style: Only 80W 12 inch Fan
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ECO-WORTHY this 80W 12 inch Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Roof Vent Fan cools your roof and also reduces the load on your air conditioning system, it will cut your cooling costs with low electric power expense. The dimension of the fan is 12"*12"*3" design produces maximum airflow. The fan turns on as soon as the sunlight hits the solar panel and turns off at night. If you add the battery to it, it can keep the house cool and ventilated with fresh air circulation all day.

Package Includes

Only 80W 12 inch Fan

80W 12 inch Solar Powered Attic Fan*1
80W 12 inch Fan + 100W Panel

80W 12 inch Solar Powered Attic Fan*1
100W Mono Solar Panel*1
5M 12AWG Extension Cable with MC4*1

65W 3000CFM Solar Powered Attic Fan
Size: 12"*12"*3"
10 Blades, 12 Volts
Powerful 80 Watt DC Motor
Compact High Performance DC Motor

100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Rated power: 100W
Voc: 21.6V
Vop: 18V
Short circuit current (Isc): 6.11A
Working current (Iop): 5.55A
Output Tolerance: ±3%
Temperature range: -40℃ to +80℃
SLA Battery Voltage:12V
Dimensions(L*W*H): 1010*510*35mm(39.8*20.1*1.4inch)
Weight: 8.6kg
Frame Heavy duty aluminum

System Components

100W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel

12AWG Solar Extension Cables

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