Solar Powered Stainless Steel Attic Fan

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ECO-WORTHY Solar Powered Stainless Steel Attic Fan provides proper venting cools your roof and extending the material life. It also helps to increase the fresh air to your pet house to keep your doggies & puppy a healthy and comfortable environment. It moves 11.6 cubic fees of air per minute, quiet under operation. The solar panel charges the attic fan automatically and continuously working when there is power.

Key Features
Cost-Saving & ​​​Affordable
Fully automatic operation powered by solar energy, not only cools your roof, but also reduces the load on your air conditioning system, and cuts your cooling costs with low electric power expense.
Powerful & Built-in Battery
With inbuilt rechargeable lithium battery, the solar powered fan turns on as soon as the sunlight hits the solar panel, moves 11.6 cubic feet air per minute and keeps your roof, attic, or shed cool and ventilated with fresh air circulation all-day.
Easy Installation
The solar attic fan has pre-drilled mounting holes, self-tapping screws for easy installation. It is a ready-to-use play solar fan, just take it out of the box, don't need any extra wiring.
Well-Made Material
The material of this solar attic ventilator is stainless steel which provides longevity to the fan and prevents any rust from forming.
Wide Application & Protect Home
It is the perfect solar powered exhaust fan for sheds, roof, attic, RV, boats, cabin, etc. It delivers an eco-friendly approach to neutralize moisture and drive out heat, protecting your home all year round.

Package Includes
Solar Powered Stainless Steel Attic Fan*1

Easy installation without wiring Coming with an Inbuilt Battery With ON/OFF Inbuilt Switch Functions of the Solar Venting Roof Fan

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