48V/60V/72V Boost 12A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Regulator

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Key Features
Boost Charging
Boosts the voltage of 12V or 24V solar panels to charge 48V/60V/72V batteries in Golf Cart, Electric Vehicles, and solar system. No need to add additional solar panels or change the connection of solar panels.
Applied to Multiple Battery Types
Max Capable Solar Panel Input Power: 216W/12V 2160W/12V 432W/24V, charging 48V/60V/72V Lead-acid battery, Lithium battery, GEL battery, Flooded batteries.
95% MPPT Charging Efficiency
Using innovative MPPT technology, charging efficiency up to 95% and conversion efficiency up to 93%.
Multiple Protection Functions
Protection for overcharge, reverse current, overheat and reverse wiring.
LED Digital Display
Visual display of charging current, voltage, let you easily track the battery charging state.

Package Includes
12A 12V/24V Boost MPPT Solar Charge Controller*1

12A 12V/24V Boost MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Charging 48V/60V/72V batteries
Input Voltage: DC 13-50V
Input Power: 450W
Working Current: 12A
Output Voltage: 48V/60V/72V
Battery Type: Lead-acid/Lithium/GEL/Flooded
Working Temperature: -20℃~60℃(-4℉~140℉)
Size: 133*87*52mm (5.2*3.4*2.0 inch)
Weight:420g (0.93 lbs)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great device

Easy install. Great performance so far after a month.

Patrick Richard Hildebrand
Eco Crushing it

I got this to directly solar charge my Sur Ron Battery. No inverter necessary. 500w solar panel array a couple breakers and a CNLINKO connector and it works like a charm! Free energy from the sun directly charging my 60v and 72v batteries. Bliss!!!

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