All-in-one Inverter Built in 3500W 48V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter & 80A MPPT Controller for Off Grid System

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ECO-WORTHY All-in-one Inverter Built in 3500W 48V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter & 80A MPPT Controller is a new hybrid solar energy storage inverter control all-in-one machine integrating solar energy storage and commercial power charging energy storage and AC sine wave output. It adopts DSP control and has advanced response algorithms and high reliability through advanced control algorithms. And high industrialization standards. There are only four charging modes: solar power, city power priority, solar power priority, city power and solar power. Three output modes: Solar power priority mode, Grid power priority mode, Inverter priority mode, are available to meet different application needs.

Key Features
Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Much better than Modified Sine Wave Inverter, protect appliance life with no electromagnetic pollution.
80A MPPT Controller
4300W DC Input restrictions, has 99.9% high efficiency, 30% higher than the PWM charge controller.
LCD Screen
Easily check voltage, current, system status, remaining battery, etc. Four buttons can customize your system parameters.
For Six Types of Battery
Suitable for six types of battery: SLD; GEL; LF6; LF4; FLD; NCM/NCA, protect the battery bank usage life.
Four Output Modes
Choose solar charging mode, electricity utility priority mode, or hybrid charging mode as you want.

Package Includes
All-in-one Inverter(3500W 48V Inverter+80A MPPT Controller)*1
1.5M 16mm² Battery Extension Cable*1
User Manual*1

AC Input Mode
Rated Input Voltage: 110/120VAC
Input Voltage Range: 90V-140VAC
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Overload/Short Circuit Protection: Circuit breaker
Efficiency: >95%
AC Reverse Protection: Available
Max Bypass Overload Current: 40A
Invert Mode
Output Voltage Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Rated Output Power: 3500W
Rated Output Voltage: 120VAC
Peak Power: 7000W
Bypass Breaker: 40A
Rated Battery Input Voltage: 48V
Min Starting Voltage: 44V
Power Saving Mode: Load ≤25W
AC Charging
Battery Type: Lead acid or lithium battery
Max Charge Current: 30A
Charge Voltage Range: 40-60VDC
Overcharge Protection: Alarm and turn off charging after 1 minute
PV Charging
Max Output Power:4200W
PV Charging Current Range:0-80A(can be set)
Max PV Open Circuit Voltage: 145VDC
PV Operating Voltage Range: 60-145VDC
MPPT Voltage Range: 60-115VDC
Battery Voltage Range: 40-60VDC
Max Output Power: 4200W
Charging Short Circuit Protection: Blown fuse

ECO-WORTHY 3500W 48V All-in-one Inverter Manual

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