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100W 12V Foldable Solar Panel Suitcase

100W 12V Foldable Solar Panel Suitcase

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·Lightly Foldable, Easy to Move: The size of the foldable solar panel is 26.2*21*2.8inch, the weight is 7.7 pounds. It does not take up space in the car. When camping, solar panels can be expanded within a few seconds.
·Adjustable Kickstands & High Efficiency: The foldable solar panel has a special kickstand with patented, which can adjust solar panel angle to 30 degrees or 40 degrees so that the solar panel can absorb the maximum sunlight and get more power.
·Waterproof & Extension Cable: With IP65 water-resistant material, it will protect from water splashing. Use 118 inch extension cable to run power station in the shade.
·Designed For Most Portable Power Station: Compatible with most power stations and solar generators, by using our 4 various adapters, easy connection to Jackery Explorer (8mm DC Adapter) /Flashfish(5.5*2.1mm), and other solar generators on the market(3.5*1.35mm, 5.5*2.5).
·Easy Expansion: When you are not satisfied with the current power, you don't need to discard this solar panel and spend more money to buy a more power solar panel. You only need to buy solar panels with the same power A DC-Solar panel connector is connected.
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ECO-WORTHY foldable solar panel is made of IP65 high water resistant, able to resist the penetration of water, ideal for outdoor activities like camping and hiking.
It has a special kickstand with patented, which can adjust solar panel angle to 30 degrees or 40 degrees so that the solar panel can absorb the maximum sunlight and get more power.
After being folded, the size is only 18.3*24.6*2.2inch, the weight is 9 pounds.

Customer Reviews

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Dianne Lary

Good value!

James Lemaster
Portable Bifold Solar Panel

Great product and exceeds expectations!


Have not had a chance to use yet

Great portable solar panel. Use is a lot

So I have been charging with this panel since June. I charge ebike and 2 solar generators one being rockpals 300. It delivers all the time even with no sun it brings in some power say to charge a phone or something similar. On full sun in south Florida in July, it was bringing in 50 to 55 watts of power. Now here I. November it's like 40 45. Great panel. I carry daily and perform much better than others of ha e sent back. Thanks, ECO-WORTHY

Christian Lenz

After a long internet research I came upon this very light and flexible, high-quality solar folding panel kit.
I must say I love it! I use it only to charge my new IBM Laptop, a T490. I bought an adapter to USB-C here on Amazon for 4,69 Euro and it works fine! So when the sun fully shines on the panel (please avoid any small shadow like from a leaf or so, even on one panel, it will decrease the power significantly as it has an effect on all four panels) the panel delivers about 100 Watt or more (here in June in Germany) and that is more than enough to constantly power the laptop. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes or so before the laptop recognizes the power flowing in. When the sun does not shine, it is still enough power to charge the laptop (obviously with closed lid). Sometimes, it is necessary to swithc the laptop off and just let it charge with closed lid. I can recommend using this for a laptop but only for people who are technically interested, as sometimes you need a bit of patience.
It is certainly a high-quaility device, good value for money. I have been using it for three weeks now. As I constantly work outside in the garden, I have now charged my laptop for three weeks using only the solar panel. And I use my laptop 8 hours a day. Very cool, but certainly not for everyone, you need a bit of technical experience and patience! So in short, very much recommended for technically interested people with experience with electronics. And patience if there are clouds out there.