New Setup - Does someone who knows what they are doing interest in helping?

  • I created a stand alone solar unit.  It is made up of 600 Watts of panels, a 60A charge controller, 200Ah of batteries and an 1100 inverter.  I was going to try and power my RV by plugging the shore power cord into the inverter.  THis is th eonly way that the RV is connected to the solar power.  I unplugged the 12v battery that came with my camper as I was told it was not needed.  I only camp on the weekends but want the solar to keep my fridge going throughout the week.  

    When I first tried to test the system I plugged the shore power into the inverter on Sunday morning.  In the RV I shut off all the breakers except for the main breaker, the fridge breaker and the converter breaker.  I had left the 12v battery that came with the RV hokked up because I originally thought I needed it.  When I checked it on Tuesday night the inverter was off.   I left it off until lthe following Friday night when I got back to the camper.  During the week someone told me I should have removed the 12v battery that came with the RV out of the equation so on Friday night I took it out and plugged the shore power back into the inverter and left all the breakers in the RV on.  At 2am Saturday morning I heard the inverter beep and then it shut off.

    Am I doing something wrong?  Do I need to leave the converter breaker inside the RV on?  Is it needed at all?

    Do I just need more batteries?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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