a work around for my wi-fi on 5g

  • My wife  changed internet providers to optimum  to 5 g   I lost my wifi to my 5000 inverter  inverter  any work arounds so i can motor my system?   is there a bluetooth option?   Thanks JohnAdam  Orange CT

  • I have just changed to Virgin media in uk . Same problem 

    Contact your supplier and ask them to set up a 2.4 signal for you .I did and all works fine Now 

  • If you have lost the Wi-Fi connection on your inverter, you may need to reconfigure the Wi-Fi settings on the inverter so that it can connect to the new network.
    If you cannot reconfigure the existing Wi-Fi settings, try resetting the inverter to factory settings and then reconfiguring the Wi-Fi connection.
    Make sure your inverter supports the Wi-Fi standard that your new router uses. For example, if the inverter only operates on 2.4 GHz and the router is configured only on 5 GHz, you will need to configure the router to operate on the 2.4 GHz band as well. If Bluetooth is not supported and you cannot restore the Wi-Fi connection, then try making a direct connection via Ethernet (if supported by your inverter) or using external Wi-Fi adapters, for example from these, that can connect to the inverter through standard communication ports.

  • @Christian Smith   Thank You your ideas  worked great!!  I am back up and viewing of the app  John

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