Programming 3000W Inverter

  • Good day folks,

    Just installed the 3000W 24V hybrid inverter today. I've got 1200W of solar with two 24V 100ah LIFEPO4 batteries in parallel. My goal is to use the Solar to supply power to the inverter and the inverter to supply 120V ac. I only want the mains to kick in when battery voltage is below a set point and Solar is not present. Any suggestions on how to program the inverter for this?

    Thanks for any assistance 

  • parameter 1 should be SBU

    parameter 6 should be OSO

    This is how i set mine up most of the time.

    Yous have to adjust P04 and P05 for the voltage you want the system to go to utility on and back to battery power.

  • @roger grinstead OSO mode states that mains charging is not activated. Do the 04 and 05 values still work?


  • When you get battery low enough to trip 04 it will go to bypass. When solar charges it up to 05 it will switch back to battery. 

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