About 120W foldable panel

  • Hi,
    I am considering purchasing your 120W Foldable Solar Panel Charger with 30Ah LiFePO4 Battery with 20A Controller. If I want to add another 120 W Foldable Solar Panel in the near future would I need a larger controller than the supplied 20Amp one with the Bundle Kit in your offer ?

    I have this in my shopping cart now and wondering if I need a larger controller and at what UPGRADE Price and could I purchase a larger one with the kit and my reason for writing..

    Thank You in Advance !

  • hi,
    thanks for your interest in our products
    not need to purchase a larger controller if you want to add more 1 panel
    Just click the link of 2 panels and go on

  • I realize with that I couldn't send it directly from 120W solar panel like herewith directly to my EcoFlow PRO 720W power station. (They come off their adapters with M64/XT60's which are industry standards for solar I believe )

    Do you have any recommendations on how to do this other than going through the Control module ?

  • We don't have adapters, but you may search for one on amazon.

    here is the ASIN: B07S9YJ23V

    hope it is useful for you.



  • Oh wow, Thank you for replying with those numbers now I can move forward. Do you know where I can buy a connector with that female adapter and MC4 adapters on the other end??

  • Here is the ASIN of the female and MC4 adapters : ‎B07S9YJ23V

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