1 Gallon Stainless Steel Water Distiller with Glass Filter

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Style: 110V US Plug
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This distiller completes 1 gallon of pure steam-distilled water in 4 hours. The boil chamber, including upper cover, and condensing coils are high grade 304 Stainless Steel. Integrated 304 stainless steel inner tank, with the glass filter and activated carbon filter, Ensure to get the purest distilled water. Instead of trying to remove the harmful substances from the water, distillation removes the water from the harmful substances. Since water boils and evaporates at a much lower temperature than many harmful chemicals, toxins, and minerals when you finish distillation you are left with 1 pot of pure water and 1 pot of leftover harmful, toxic, substances.

Key Features
Top Quality Materials
Full 304 stainless steel body/Inner tank/Inner cap/water outlet/water inlet, Aluminum fan, Soft Catheter to prevent leakage, 4L Shockproof Glass Container with handle, all materials used are food-grade. ECO-WORTHY water distiller can be assured of both durability and safety drink.
Product Upgrade
1. Upgrade a glass lined nozzle(Enamel process), Separate the nozzle filter and stainless steel housing it will not make plastic and metal touch with water. Solve Water Odor Problem.
2. Upgrade extra manual ON/OFF power switch. It is easy to cut off the power with Use automatic and manual reset during the distillation, and there is no need to plug in and plug out. The 2 points are unique upgrades for ECO-WORTHY. Everything for your safety use.
Purest Distilled Water
This distiller includes a separate porcelain lined nozzle, and a glass collection bottle, a Carbon pod, and Cleaning crystals. These Parts ensures the purest and safest distilled water for your safety needs.
Meet Daily Water Need
750W heating element guarantees distillation speed over a quarter gallon per hour, distills up to 6 gallons per day. Drink Straightly/Brew Coffee/Wash Face. Safety recommends.


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