100W 12V Extremely Flexible Mono Solar Panel Shingled Design

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Key Features
New Technology
Shingled design black flexible solar panel, laminated design, no solder tape design, no cell gap, effectively reduce power loss.
Extremely Flexible
It's bent to 30 degree for installation and provide power in the RV, boat, huts, tents or any other irregular surface.
Be free from maintenance, rainfall cleans the dirt due to its nonstick surface.

Package Includes
100W 12V Extremely Flexible Mono Solar Panel*1

100W 12V Extremely Flexible Mono Solar Panel
Rated Power: 100W
Max Power Voltage(Vm): 19.2V
Max Power Current(Imp): 5.21A
Short Circuit Current(Isc): 9.12A
Open-Circuit Voltage(Voc): 23.4V
Dimension(L*W*H): 45.3*21.1*0.15inch
Net Weight: 3.97lbs
Package Weight: 6.17lbs

What are the differences between shingled design panels and conventional panels

Solar Cell Size
Getting more power from smaller pieces. Resistive loss is power loss due to resistant properties of a conductive material. This results in cell pieces that have less resistive loss and therefore greater efficiency than a comparable piece within a single uncut cell.

Solar Cell Arrangement
So manufacturers solve this problem by overlapping the cell pieces within the panel. This overlapping results in a connection point similar to an expansion joint on a bridge allowing a shingled solar panel to better withstand expansion and contraction from temperature changes, as well as any flexing due to wind.

Solar Cell Connection
A specially formulated electrically conductive adhesive(ECA). This is used as a way to bind the solar cell pieces together and as a redundant conductor, further strengthening the module’s overall connectivity. Therefore, it is more suitable for bending.

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