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ECO-WORTHY 3.5g 220V Ozone Generator is controlled via a manual timer(up to 120 minutes). The required running time of the device to achieve the desired result can not be stated seriously in minutes or hours, as different parameters apply to each application such as type, degree of contamination, gas flow in the particular room/vehicle, humidity, etc. Ozone generators are not toys, but must be used with care, respect, and understanding. Too high an ozone concentration is harmful to humans and animals. After use, the room/car must be well ventilated, and the ozone odor may persist for several days despite low concentration in the air(especially in cars), we advise against using it during this time.

Key Features
Powerful, low noise level, portable, light and easy maintenance.
High quality electronic parts, UL listed fan.
Heat sink to reduce the heat on the ozone plate.
Stainless steel pre-filter on the back of unit to remove large particle.

3.5g 220V Ozone Generator
Model: HE-150
Rated Voltage: 220V AC
Rated Power: 55W
Ceramic Plate Size: 3.9"*2.2"(90*55mm)
Air Volume: Max 80CFM(2.24m³/min)
Active Oxygen(ON): 3.5g/h
Fuse Holder: Spare Fuse Included(2A, 0.79")
Dimension: 6.9"*5.9"*8.1"(175*150*205mm)

How to use the unit

Plug the unit in to any 220v outlet and using the built-in timer, turn the unit on for the desired treatment time(cars 20-30 min, medium-large rooms 30-50 minutes, basements 50-100 minutes, entire houses 100-120 minutes, large commercial spaces 120-180 minutes). While the space is being treated it needs to be unoccupied as the concentration of Ozone will make the air irritating to breath during treatment. After the treatment time is over, wait 45 min for the Ozone inside to dissipate and revert to Oxygen. Note: as with any type of Ozone Generator, people and pets need to be removed from the space while the generator is running.

Why we suggest you use this ozone generator
What it can do for you
You can remove any type of odor.
You can kill germs, mold, viruses, and bacteria on the inside surfaces of your home.
You can treat spaces up to 4,500 square feet in size.
You can set the unit to run for up to 2 hours and then turn off automatically.
You can pair the unit with a wall timer and have it treat a space without even touching it at preset intervals throughout the week.
This is the same way that ozone is produced in nature (lightning), and is the secret weapon of the smell of nature. Eliminate pollen, mold, cigarettes/cigars, pet smells, paint other airborne irritants almost any smell. Help to eliminate and delay the growth of mold, mold and fungi, reduce allergens.

Advantages of ozone disinfection
Disinfection has no dead ends, high sterilization efficiency and deodorization. During disinfection, the ozone generator generates a certain amount of ozone. In a relatively closed environment, it spreads evenly and has good permeability. It overcomes the problem of disinfection dead spots in ultraviolet sterilization and achieves all-round, fast and efficient disinfection and sterilization purposes.
No residue and no pollution. Ozone is generated by the oxygen in the air. In the process of disinfection and oxidation, excess oxygen atoms are combined into molecular oxygen after 30 minutes. There is no residual material, which solves the problem of secondary pollution remaining during disinfection of disinfectant. Clean again after disinfection.

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