• Hello all,

    I'm looking for a scale that tells me what wind speed equals what voltage setting. In the User Manual on page 9 it shows the voltage to be set at .20v and on page 13 it says it should be set at .35v.  What speed are we talking about?  Where's the scale wind speed/voltage?  Nowhere do you know what the wind speed is.

    Thank you

  • Hi, Brad! So I assume you are talking about the  solar tracker bracket. The controller cannot set wind speed. The program was written as triggering the lock at level 6 automatically(to prevent the tracker move in high wind speed).

  • @Bryce Freeman 

    Is that really true? According to the manual, V2 is the voltage setting at which the controller will initiate Wind Protection Mode. It appears to be adustable, though I haven't tried. 

    What I believe Brad is looking for is a chart of voltage levels and their approximate wind speed. 

  • @Scott P 

    The V2 voltage is adjustable and it's default value is .35v.  What speed is that?  Where's the scale for what voltage equals what speed?  I've seen nothing that tells this information.  I guess everyone just leaves it at the default.  How do you know what speed it is?

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