Does the D bracket and actuator get mounted on the east or west side?

  • Hello all,

    I've now seen from Eco Worthy their assmbly video which shows the D bracket and the long actuator positioned on the east side and that is how I assembled mine and it's miswired.  You've put out other videos showing it on the west side.  So the question is What does the control engineering drawing show?  You can only have it one way and get the wiring correct!

    Thank you

  • Hi Brad, I have confirmed this issue with my coworkers. Yes the video showing the long actuator mounted on the west side is correct, while the manual and drawing is wrong. In the attached pic you will find the correct version.

  • @Bryce Freeman This information is incorrect!  If you notice, the D bracket only has three bolts and should have four.  It's an older drawing and not the latest one.  I dissassembled my tracker and reassembled following this drawing, and my actuator is now bent and seized up.  I'm wating on the correct information and replacement part from DC House, who is the seller on Amazon.  I believe the D bracket goes on the east side with the actuator pointing to the west as per this Youtube video by Eco-Worthy just a month ago, but I'm still waiting on confirmation.


  • @Brad Lightner Hi, sorry looks like my coworker made a mistake when drawing this picture for you. But this drawing is not for use elsewhere, so only the 3 bolts on D rod is wrong. You may refer to the video and manual. Sorry, you have my sincere apologies.

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