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    I'll try this again.  The V2 setting is at .20v, what speed does that represent?  The manual says the default is .35v, what wind speed does that represent.  No one is ever told what speed the voltage represents.  Where's the scale.  Mine was set to .2v and I was unable to get it to trigger.  I reduced the voltage to .05v and spun the wind gauge and was able to see that it works.  I've adjusted it to .15v.   I just don't know what wind speed it's set for.  WHERE'S THE SCALE??

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  • Hi, I checked with our engineer and was told the wind speed m/s=V2*25

  • @Bryce Freeman I really don't understand why this is so difficult.  You say V2 is 25 m/s at what voltage setting.  And shouldn't it be mph?  The manual says .20v and the default says .35v..  I've tried all the way down to .12v and manually spun the wind gauge and still nothing happens until I go all the way to .05v.  Like .1v = 1mph, .2v = 2mph, .3v = 3mph and so on.  Where's the scale?  Has no one ever questioned this?  I had two windy days last week of over 20 mph and it never moved.

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  • @Brad Lightner Hi, I am sorry for all the troubles...from which web did you place the order? I suggest you contact our customer service for further assistance. We got engineer who will help you sort it out. You may find our customer service through your order on ebay/amazon or find contact info in the manual.

  • @Bryce Freeman This is very disappointing that you don't have a simple answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What's the forum for?

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  • @Bryce Freeman I've contacted customer service and they either don't answer the phone or emails.  Does it really matter where I purchased your product?  I got it at Amazon and they send you to your support site, where I've got no answer either.  I don't know what "m/s=V2*25" is supposed to mean.  It doesn't tell me what voltage equals what speed.  Please clarify in mph please.

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  • Hi, it doesn't matter where you got the product but you need to contact customer service from there. Would you mind tell me your email and Amazon order number? I will ask them to send you email.

    And the m/s=V2*25 means how to calculate what voltage equals what speed. For example, you said your V2 was set to 0.2V, so V2*25=0.2*25=5m/s≈11mph.

  • Thank you for the clarification.  Therefore, .01v = 0.559 mph.  It seems the problem is on Amazon, where it tells you who to contact for support, they show Eco-Worthy's phone number and website, when it should be DC House that should be contacted due to them being the seller for Amazon.

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