Controller parameters

  • Hello,

    I got a hybrid kit, 4 195w solar panels, connected in serie/parallel, and a 500w wind mill. I have 2 lifepo4 12v 100ah batteries connected in parallel.

    I cannot figure out what parameters to use to get it to work, batteries never get charged and my controller has "error upv flashing". Is there anyone that could give me the parameters to put in my controller please.

    U under

    R under

    U over

    R over




    Thanks a lot


  • Hi Eric, which hybrid inverter is it? Pls give me your order number, I will ask my coworker to help you.

  • @Bryce Freeman 

    Hello Bryce, 800w solar wind kit order number: 701-3488947-9047416 sold by DC House

    Solar panel order number: 111-1550506-1245022 sold by eco worthy us

    Batteries order number: 111-9685691-6117004 sold by eco worthy us

    When I connect my panels in parallel, the cables get to hot, so I connected 2 in serie than 2 in serie and than those in parallel. But now the controller always flashes "error Upv" and it gives over 30v.

    At the beginning I had only the first two panels that came with the kit, and it charged but very little. I would make 2 coffees and batteries would be dead. So I thought I would add two more panels but it is worse, it does not charge at all.

    Thanks for helping


  • ????

  • @Eric Poirier Hi Eric, sorry, was too busy. I have copied your post to our customer service. You will receive message from Amazon soon. Make it resolved by professionals😀

  • How do you enter the parameters to my monitor 

  • @Stuart Littlewood Could you tell me the order number of the monitor? You could refer to the manual to learn how to setup.

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