Which battery for my trolling motor?

  • Which model, and make would get me to 24v, for my minn kota 80# trolling motor ?

  • Thanks for your interest in our product.
    could you please tell us the power(watt) of your minn kota 80# trolling motor?
    the battery is 12v, your motor is 24v, it takes two batteries in series to reach 24V.
    looking forward to your reply

  • It’s a 80# thrust U2 minn kota trolling motor. It requires 2 12v 200Ah batteries ( preferably lithium phosphate ion batteries) This is all new to me, though I’ve been interested in solar for awhile now, this is my first true adventure into this type of propulsion. Thanks

  • Thanks for your reply
    but our largest 12v battery is 150ah, not 200ah. If you'll connect the two batteries in series for a 24v 200ah bank, you may consider making it with 2 of our 24v 100ah batteries, connect them in parallel, so it'll be equal as a 24v 200ah battery bank.

  • @Daniel P

    For the 80 pound  24V Trolling Motor, MINN KOTA recommends using at least 2*12V100AH batteries. I think 2*12V150AH batteries (use in series) are enough, and the Lifepo4 battery is so light, which can make your boat run further farther.

    About solar,it is difficult to big large solar panels on the boat. Maybe you can try to buy 2 pieces of 50W solar panels (series) to charge your 24V 150AH battery pack. He can provide you with an additional 10% battery power every day.


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