Solar Inverter Low Voltage Warning/Shutdown

  • I have the 1500W Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter and have a quesiton concerning low-voltage shutdown.

    I am going to be out of town for most of the day and won't be back until after dark.  My solar will run all day and power my house but will not last through the evening (after sundown) and into the night.  Once the voltage drops low enough, my inverter starts beeping with the low-voltage warning and eventually the power inside shuts off.  The low-voltage warning continues until I actually shut off the inverter.

    My question is this....

    Once the power automatically shuts down in my house and is no longer drawing off of my battery bank, if the inverter's On/Off switch is not physically turned off and the low-voltage warning keeps beeping, will this continue to drain my battery bank until the inverter switch is turned off?  I just don't want to damage my battery bank or my inverter by letting the warning signal continue to go off.  I am not using LifePO batteries, just sealed lead deep cycle batteries.


    Thanks for any help!


  • Hello Joshua,

    I would say the short answer to your question is yes, there will continue to be a small drain on the batteries as long as the inverter power is on.  I dont know how much of a drain that would be, that would depend on the particular inverter you have.

    Every inverter will draw a small amount of power from the batteries when the inverter power is turned on, even when there is no AC load at all.  I dont know what that is for the 1500W inverter that you have, but it is probably around 1.5 amps or so.

    I dont believe there is any danger of damaging the inverter if it continues to beep.

    How old are your lead acid batteries?  And do you have an idea how much power your house uses from the solar system?  Are you OK with the system shutting down after the sun goes down?  How long after the sun goes down does it take before the inverter shuts down?

    Regards, Ron

  • Certainly! In a solar PV system, the solar inverter plays a crucial role in converting DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power for use in your home or to feed back into the grid.

    Low Voltage Warning: When the inverter detects that the input voltage from the solar panels is dropping below a safe and efficient threshold, it issues a low voltage warning. This warning serves as an alert, often displayed on the inverter's interface or monitoring system, indicating that the system's performance may be compromised due to insufficient voltage.

    Low Voltage Shutdown: In more severe cases where the input voltage falls to a critically low level, the inverter may automatically initiate a low voltage shutdown. This feature is a protective measure, designed to prevent potential damage to the inverter and other system components caused by extremely low voltage conditions. During a low voltage shutdown, the inverter stops its power conversion process and disconnects from the grid.

    These features are in place to maintain the safety and efficiency of your solar PV system. If you encounter low voltage warnings or shutdowns, it's important to investigate the underlying causes, which could include shading, wiring issues, or grid-related problems. Consulting the inverter's documentation or a professional solar technician can help diagnose and address these issues for optimal system performance. Regular monitoring and maintenance of your solar system are also key to addressing low voltage situations promptly.

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