power output wiring and voltage regulation

  • Hi all! 
     I've acquired a solar panel kit and now I would like to use only the 12V output to feed 2 devices (miniPC 12V 2A ) and a USB camera ( 12V ...  )

    Does the output Solar Power Controller any type of regulator at the power output? I want to wire there directly my two components without power issues? So both devices connected to the same negative and positive "12V" output. I will connect them directly ( so in paralel mode). Is it all right? 
    Another question, is it possible to regulate the output to 12V ? Right now I'm reading 14.5 V at output with my polimeter. I've just configured the LiFePo4 battery mode, rest of parameters I did not modified yet.

  • Which grid tie inverter has the ability to supply home source and depend on grid Hz but not backfeed to the grid?

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