All-in-one 1500W 24V Inverter & 30A Controller operations and error codes?

  • I may have gotten a box without a user manual and cannot find one online.

    Very interested to know how to adjust the charge profile for lifepo4 and what the error codes mean.

    I hooked it up to the 24v 100a battery and then some pv and boom it was charging and working great so I put some nominal load on it including a router, TFT monitor and a laser printer. 

    Figured that would probably go all night long no problem as it appeared to be very slowly consuming the voltage.

    Until sunset. At sunset the display began offering differing reports of the pv input voltage and the battery voltage. Then the AC cut out and it started what looks like power cycling and produced the error code 9.

    So I clearly need a manual.

    Anybody know what error code 9 is or how to set up the charge profile for lifepo4?


  • Hello,

    I´m having the exact same issue here. Started s days ago after being working ok for a one month.

  • @John Jensen just found my manual that came with inverter.

    Error code 9: Inverter internal fault, troubleshooting saids to please contact manufacturer.

    Let me know if you get a solution from them, I already sent an email asking for advice.

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