ECO-WORTHY Lithium Battery Use Guide-The Efficiency & Temperature Relation and Storage Mechanism

ECO-WORTHY Lithium Battery Use Guide-The Efficiency & Temperature Relation and Storage Mechanism

How to use lithium battery correctly?

  1. how to deal with it when you receive our battery?

A: Because most of batteries are in stock in warehouse or shipment for long time, However, after receiving the battery, it is recommended to fully charge the battery before using it.  


  1. What do lithium batteries fear at work?

Those chemical processes will happen no matter what we do, but they are very much dependent on temperature!
Keep the battery temperature under 45 Centigrade (under 30C if possible) – This is by far the most important!


If the temperature is lower than 0 ° C:

When it discharges: -20 degrees, the discharge is completely useless. After the temperature rises, it can still be discharged.


When it charges: the battery cannot be charged when the temperature is below 0 degrees. If you charge it carelessly, the battery will not be recharged after the temperature rises, but if it is not charged, the battery can still be charged after the temperature rises.


  1. How to charge for battery correctly?

you need use a suitable lithium battery charger to charge your lithium battery. Make sure the charger meets the battery model. When the battery is connected to the charger, first check whether the equipment connection or battery pin is fully connected. Do not leave the charging equipment and make sure not to charge on flammable surfaces. Do not have it in flammables around, so that in case of fire, the fire will easily spread. It is recommended to use a special fireproof lithium battery charging bag to control the fire.


What is storage method of lithium battery?

  1. The storage conditions of lithium battery?

The key storage conditions of lithium battery are temperature and humidity.

Generally, room temperature has little effect on the state of lithium battery, but there can be no direct sunlight. High temperature is easy to cause the model lithium battery to bulge or explode. Therefore, the lithium battery is generally stored in an iron box or plastic box protected from light and air .

  1. What is Correct storage method of lithium battery?

The very low self-discharge rate makes it easy to store LiFePo4 batteries, even for longer periods. It is no problem to put a lithium-ion battery away for a year, just make sure there is some remain volume in it before placing it in storage. Between 50% – 60% is ideal, that will give the battery a very long time before self-discharge brings the Voltage close to the danger point.

Be sure to simply disconnect all wires from them, make it get rid of any loads that slowly discharge the batteries.

And Just let the battery warm up a bit before you start discharging it again

Storing them at low temperatures is certainly much better than storage at high temperatures.

It has been suggested that the rechargeable battery should be stored in the refrigerator.

Try to avoid storing them at 45 Centigrade and above, and try to avoid storing them completely full if possible (or nearly empty)



  1. What is Precautions for lithium battery storage?


Lithium batteries should be kept at 50% to 60% state of charge when stored for a long time. They should be recharged every three months and charged and discharged every six months.


In the process of transportation, pay attention to moisture-proof and moisture-proof, and avoid extrusion, collision, etc., so as to avoid battery damage.


It is forbidden to use or place the battery under high temperature (hot sunshine or very hot car), otherwise it may cause overheating, fire, function failure and short service life of the battery.

It is forbidden to store in places with strong static electricity and strong magnetic field, otherwise it is easy to damage the battery safety protection device and bring unsafe hidden dangers.

If the battery emits peculiar smell, heating, discoloration, deformation or any abnormality occurs during use, storage and charging, immediately remove the battery from the device or charger and stop it.

The discarded battery shall be wrapped with insulating paper to prevent fire.


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