Gain Energy Independence on Water

Eco-Worthy provides solar solutions designed for vans and trailers. Here we help you estimate power consumption in kinds of conditions to finding the right solar kits, including panels, batteries, charge controller, power inverter and other components.

Sailboat Yacht

Daily Consumption: 0.5-1kwh

When put a 60w portable frdige and couple of led lights on the boat, you'll need 0.5-1kwh for one day's sailing.


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Sturdy Panel

Eco-Worthy monocrystalline solar panel is compact with enhanced aluminum frame and tempered glass. IP65 class water proof, strong enough to withstand strong winds (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa), worry-free for outdoor uses.

Reliable Battery

Rechargeable cycles more than 3000 times, a service life more than 10 years. High efficiency of charge/discharge, possible to extend the capacity in parallel connection, easily setup

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