Solar Trickle Charger


Car Battery Maintainer

Resolve long-time sitting car's battery drain out problem

This solar charger, also known as a trickle charger/ maintainer, is designed to generate small electricity juice to keep the vehicle’s battery charged.

Normally, Modern cars use battery power even when they are just sitting. This power is used to keep alive the memory in the radio and the car's computer- this power can be enough to run down your battery if the car sits long time. 

Car batteries never die with solar trickle charger

ECO-WORTHY solar trickle charger is more than sufficient to provide a trickle charge to maintain battery power. It can keep the battery in usable condition at all times. Meanwhile, it prolongs the vehicle's battery life by preventing it from draining out.

To fitting this usage purpose, it is designed as a decent size with two convenient connection wiring options for the automobile.

This trickle charger is ideal for keeping car, SUV, motorcycles , ATV, fish boat, jet ski’s battery maintained 

Common concerns and answers

Q: The battery types this charger works on?

A: Sealed lead-acid battery, lithium battery, GEL, AGM battery etc, covered all the battery types on vehicle 

Q: Do you need to disconnect the charger before driving the car?

A: Not necessary to unplug the charger from the cigarette lighter while the car is driving, no damage to your car.

Q: Will it drain out the battery during the night, or days without sunshine?

A: Never, our car battery maintainer has a built-in diode in the junction box, which prevent this issue from happening, the reversal current will be blocked by the diode, so the panel will not drain the battery’s power.

Q: Does the cigarette charging option work when the car engine is off?

A: For most cars, when your car is off, the cigarette lighter still can draw power from the battery to power 12V devices, like your phones.

Nowadays, some car manufacturers have already deactivated this feature, cigarette lighter turns off while the car is shut down. For this case, you can choose the second connection option, hooking the alligator clips directly up to the battery under the car engine hood.

Q: Do you need a charge controller to protect the battery from overcharge?

A: This charger is designed as a maintainer/trickle charger, and will not have enough output to overcharge a vehicle battery, Except that your battery capacity is rated below 5Ah.

Q: The meaning of the red LCD indicator on the adaptor

A: When you get this charger out of the box, you may notice a small red light on the cigarette adaptor. Okay, let me explain to you what does that for and how it works.

It's a straight forward indicator light, lighting up when there is current flow detected through the adaptor, either forward or back forward. That means that charging and discharge will both get it lighted up.

Q: How to know if it is working or not

A:Lots of have such questions like this how can I make sure the charger is working right or not? 2 ways:

1. The red indicator on the cigarette adaptor will show you. Lighting up refers to this charger is charging right now

2. If you hook it up to the battery by using the alligator clips, you have to use a multimeter to check the panel's output voltage and current.

Q: Can it maintain multiple batteries?

A: Technically, yes, as long as you wired all your 12V batteries in parallel, this maintainer will charge all the batteries slowly.

But for our experience, this setup is not recommended. As you know, this is one trickle charger, producing less than 0.5 Amps to your battery bank. With more batteries, this charger output may not be sufficient to stay all your batteries' voltage.

Q: Is that possible to charge one battery with a couple of charger?

A:Yes, you can charge one battery with a couple of trickle charger. You can connect one to the cigarette lighter, and the others to the battery directly by the alligator cable.