Roof Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Kit for 1-4 Pieces of Solar Panels

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ECO-WORTHY Roof Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Kit is designed for residential and commercial applications. We design the clamps according to the rooftop shape and size to make sure enables surprisingly quick and easy installation for every roof. Suitable for metal roof, wooden roof, tile roof, cement roof. Unique design can be used for both flat roofs and pitched roofs.

Key Features
High Quality
The mounting bracket is made of all aluminum alloy, which is lightweight and strong. The aluminum surface is anodized and highly resistant to corrosion. The solar bracket can ensure a service life of up to 25 years in harsh environments.
Easy Installation
The ECO-WORTHY solar roof bracket is compact in design and easy to install. It is very suitable for hanging solar panels. And the kits comes with an installation manual, so you don’t need to worry about installation issues.
Suitable for any size rigid solar panels. Suggested solar panel thickness: 1.37inch (35mm).

Package Includes
10 Rails, 10 T Blocks, 10 Self-tapping Screws, 10 L Brackets, 10 Waterproof Gaskets, 4 Edge Pressure Blocks, 6 Middle Pressure Blocks
(each set of brackets can be installed 1-4 pieces Solar panels)


1. Mark two horizontal lines on the roof(where the solar panel is planned to be installed), the distance between them should be 2/3 of the length of the solar panel.
2. Mark five vertical lines that intersect with the two lines(from step A), the distance between each two is the solar panel width plus another 0.78inch(20mm).
3. Get 10 intersection points from these horizontal and vertical lines. Drill holes at these points with suitable tools, for fixing Self-Tapping Screws.

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