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LiFePO4 12V 50Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

LiFePO4 12V 50Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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·10 Year Lifetime: ECO-Worthy lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) can be recharged more than 3000 times in a deep cycle to achieve a longer cycle life. More than 8 times higher than lead-acid batteries (generally only 300-400 cycles can be charged).
·100% Protection: Built-in BMS(Battery Management System) protects the cell from getting damage like: overcharge, over-discharge, short-circuit. And keep balance between battery cells.
·Lightweight Design: The 50Ah lithium battery has a lightweight design and weighs only 10.7 pounds, much lighter than the lead-acid one. The lithium battery is easy to take outdoors and place in any position that can not be achieved by lead-acid ones.
·Broad Application: The 50AH lithium battery is Suitable for Golf Carts, Power wheels, Trolling motor, RV, Tool trailer, Caravan, Marine, Camper, Electric scooter, Backup power supply, Solar, off-grid, etc.
·Capacity Expansion: The 50AH lithium battery can be used not only in parallel connections but also in series. It involves up to 4 identical batteries for connection in series and unlimited batteries in parallel.
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ECO-WORTHY LiFePO4 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery has twice the power, half the weight, and lasts 8 times longer than a sealed lead acid battery, no maintenance, extremely safe and very low toxicity for environment. Our line of LiFePO4 offer a solution to demanding applications that require a lighter weight, longer life and higher capacity battery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
James G
Worth the money

I installed these in my jk to run my fridge. So far they are doing great.

James Hough

Wonderful emergency power source. Received control today. Now need to install solar panel and connect everything up.

Satisfied but could use more information about the product

So far I have only used this product in a trial run and don’t have a whole lot of feedback. However I will say I would have preferred to get a more detailed manual listing more details such as, can this battery be used on its side or even upside down? Do you sell marine storage boxes for your batteries? Estimated life on a single charge with different uses (i.e. trolling motors, camping lights, cell phone charges, box fan, etc)

Battery Review

I loved this product! The battery worked fantastic, I used it for a trolling motor and all electronics on my kayak. The battery will last me a few fishing trips, with one charge.

50ah plus battery monitor

I bought your 50ah and your battery monitor for my trolling motor on a Hobie yak. Bought a nice ammo crate to set up the battery and monitor. Works great so far and I love that I can get an hour and minute estimate on how much batt is left. Definitely happy!