Adjustable Multi-Piece Solar Panel Mounting Brackets for 1-4 Pieces of Solar Panels

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ECO-WORTHY Adjustable Multi-Piece Solar Panel Mounting Brackets has the capability to fit 1-4 pieces of different size ECO-WORTHY panels or other brands standard panels. It's ideal for larger installations, such as ground, flat roof, cabins and backyard sheds. Anywhere roof mounting is not a possibility, this solar panel mount can be applied. Galvanized Steel construction, sturdy and durable. Three-legged structure make mounting steady. You can put battery, controller, inverter at backside of the mounting system. It can save lots of room and use solar power system easier. Adjustable angle from 18° to 30° degree, right angle for best solar power. Fixed on ground resistant wind and rain, well protect solar panel and easy to clean. The Multi-Panel Mount is compatible with the ECO-WORTHY 100W monocrystalline, 120W monocrystalline and 195W solar panels.

Package Includes

7.84 inches C T-type Steel*2, 19.68 inches C T-type Steel*2, 39.37 inches C T-type Steel*2, 12.79 inches C T-type Steel*2
57.08 inches C T-type Steel*4, Connecting Bolt*4, Edge Pressure*4, Base*4, Universal Joint*4
Middle Pressure*6, Inscribed Bolt*8, Short Bolts*8, End Cap*8, Expansion Screw*8, Long Bolts*12


1. Please use the accessories 1 2 3 4 and 12 to be the fix part of the bracket.
2. Please use the fixed part in Figure 1 and then add 5 and 13 accessories to form a tripod.
3. Please connect 6 7 and 11 parts to form 2900 C T-type Steel as figure C shows.
4. Please use the tripod in Figure 2, the 2900 C T-type Steel in Figure 3 and 8 accessories to build a frame as Figure 4 shows. Please use the 15 accessories to fix the frame to horizontal ground. Install the 14 accessories on the frame as Figure 4 shows.
5. Three-legged structure make mounting steady.
6. Adjustable angle from 18° to 30° Degree,right angle for best solar power.
7. You can put battery, controller, inverter at backside of the mounting system. It can save lots of room and use solar power system easier.
8. Fix the solar panels to the frame in Figure 8 with accessories of 9 and 10 respectively as Figure 8 shows.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeremiah Bretl
Great mounting system, Only for smaller/Thinner pannels

We recently purchased these mounting systems but unfortunately it did NOT fit our solar panels.
Our panels are (285w) 80 tall x 40 wide, and 2.5" thick. The brackets did not fit the thickness of our solar panels. so we could not secure them. Along with that, we ordered 2 kits and in one of the kits part number 2 had holes drilled unevenly so we could not fit the bolt through.
this mounting system would be better for smaller panels for sure. We had about 2' of overhang on our panels which is too much for the wind we get.

William Nahn
Great product.

I was considering building my own solar panel rack- BUT, this rack is incredible. I couldn’t even come close to getting all the parts and accessories at the price Eco-Worthy sells this for. I’m going to order another!!!

Ground Mount Kit

First kit was straight-forward to assemble and all parts were intact (to be fair, I purchased from Amazon). Second kit was missing a number of bolts and nuts; the package was beaten to heck (again from Amazon, so not a slight on Eco-worthy), which is why they probably slipped out somewhere. Really good otherwise. Hold the panels well. Only tricky part we found was installing the bolt/spacer between the middle two panels -- where the join is bolted together, that hole is tricky to insert the supplied size bolt; fix was removing the blue plastic grip. We did it, but it was challenging. Sturdy once assembled and with all panels installed. We added some bracing for the ground legs so that we could play with positioning. For the price, very happy! Will be ordering again with next panel purchase (this time direct from Eco-worthy). YouTube video placeholder
Mitchel Medigovich

The package had many alternative bolt systems for attaching the panels, but was missing 4 short bolts and nuts to reinforce the vertical supports.

Jacques Beauvais
Great equipment

The rack is very sturdy and I am going to make good use of them.

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