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Dual Axis Solar Tracker System

Dual Axis Solar Tracker System

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·Generate More Power: This solar tracker makes the mounted panels turn face to sunlight any daytime, which causes the PV power generation increase at least 40%.
·1-Year Warranty: This product comes with a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind. Rest assured that if there are any issues within the first 12 months after purchase, you can rely on the manufacturer's commitment to support.
·270°Rotation: The solar tracker can rotate for 270° and make the panels to absorb the sun irradiance from north, south, west and east sides.
·Steady in Wind: The air speed sensor will detect heavy wind, so the solar tracker will auto reset the angle to horizon for keeping steady. Also the expanding screws will make the base firmly stand in hurricane without problem.
·For Yard/Farm/Field: Only require for 114.2" by 114.2" ground space, 3.93 feet height. It can be easily mounted in yard, farm, field and flat roof.
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ECO-WORTHY dual axis solar tracking system can control the dual-axis linear actuator to make the solar panel to follow the sunlight, Keep the solar panel always face the sunlight. Dual-axis solar tracker controller is a basic component for the dual-axis solar tracker system. It can work with 12V/24V linear actuator, and make the solar tracker can substantially improve the amount of power produced by a system by enhancing morning and afternoon performance. Our dual-axis solar tracker with smart weather detector, stop working on cloudy days. Flat the solar panel during nighttime or rainy day. Flat the solar panel in the storm. It is a system which places the solar panels high on a pole and tracks them toward the sun all day. Production from a dual-axis solar tracker will increases annual output by approximately 40% compare to a fixed solar system.

Customer Reviews

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Bob Lehman
Good system

Overall a pretty good system. I had to tweak a few things after we had a wind event that took for the unit. Basically the anchor bolts that they provide do not go deep enough to anchor the system, they only go about 3 inch's into the concrete. I predrilled the holes to 11 inch's and put in 12 inch threaded 1/2 inch rod that I epoxied in using anchor epoxy. That should hold up to almost anything. Also the instructions have you installing the wind sensor on the panels. I would recommend that you install in on a post 4-6 feet away from the panels, in that manner you get a clean wind flow. I purchased the battery, controller and small solar panel to power the controller from Amazon, It would be nice if you could purchase direct from Eco-Worthy, also purchased to sealable water proof boxes to put all the electrics and battery in, again would be nice to get that from Eco-worthy. I will be purchasing additional systems from Eco-worthy, so that say's alot. The only damage I had from the wind event was the wind sensor LOL. Oh one other thing is it would be nice if you could get spare parts from Eco-Worthy, since I had to go to Ebay to get a new wind sensor.

alfonso borja
Dual axis Solar tracking

Love the service and the tracker….Thanks Eco-Worthy.

Mark Martin
Buying this was a good decision.

It significantly increased solar output, is well made and was easy to put together and use. Works as expected. No regrets on this purchase!!!

joseph cavanaugh

haven;t set up yet.

Kyle Seiter
Good gains for the price!

I've installed two of these solar trackers and overall the quality is good. A few suggestions for improvement to the Eco-Worth team...
1) Allow the customer to select the size/length of superstrut to accommodate larger panels or to purchase without the superstrut so custom lengths can be supported.
2) Offer both Black and White color options
3) Offer a base extension to support taller installation required for hillside and inclines, preventing potential ground impact.

All of my suggestion can be corrected with minor customizations so it did not prevent me from moving forward but would be better for less skilled DIY'ers. Overall I love the product and have seen a significant improvement to my solar output preventing the need for more solar panels. I commend the Eco-Worthy team for deliving this product to market at reasonable price.