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500W 600W 12V (400W Wind+1/2x 100W Solar) Solar Wind Hybrid Kit with Inverter + Lithium Battery

500W 600W 12V (400W Wind+1/2x 100W Solar) Solar Wind Hybrid Kit with Inverter + Lithium Battery

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If you are looking for a hybrid kit, ECO-WORTHY 500W 600W 12V expandable hybrid kit is an ideal choice. This system should be enough to power a tiny home or a super-efficient small home. A 400W wind generator produces about 60kWh per month in 10.5m/s average winds. ECO-WORTHY 100 Watt 12V Mono solar panel is backed by 25-year linear power guarantee. Pure Sine Wave Inverter provides high-quality AC power equivalent to grid power to protect your household appliances and electronic equipment, especially suitable for sensitive electrical appliances.
For people looking to go off-grid, 500W 600W 12V hybrid kits allow you to produce energy around the clock. This way, you can decrease the size of the battery system needed to power your home during the night. If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact us

Customer Reviews

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Robert Shafe

I did not receive the inverter until Friday 2/24/23. I have opened all boxes and can’t find any detailed instructions or installation/service manual

David Schwerd
Pure Power

I really love my new wind / solar power plant. A perfect way to power my garage. The instructions are written with English words but the syntax is a bit off so you really have to figure out some things on your own but the system works really good. The wind turbine is fantastic where I live as we get alot of cloudy but windy days.

Bjorn Bauer
Simple & Solid

Other than the chaos of how many separate packages the kit came in, the system was a breeze. Don't overthink the wiring, just follow the hookup diagram on the controller. Helpful tips: the three wires coming from the wind turbine can be connected to any of the three green wires on the controller interchangeably. Second, the yellow 'load' wire is not connected to anything and I left it capped. Other than that it is damn near impossible to mess up the wiring. Construction is great and I have been running the system in sub-freezing temperatures for a week.

Good but has room for improvement

I was impressed with the craftsmanship of the products. However installation instructions could be better. The 3 wires coming out of the turbine are all white and not labeled. So I am confused on how to wire them to the controller. The handbook wasn’t much help either. I will have to contact support when I get ready to install it next month. Also the wind turbine doesn’t come with a mounting kit option, so I am having to scour the internet looking for one. Other than that it seams to be a good product.

Kathy Rebescher
Very simple straight forward instructions

bought the solar wind hybrid kit and just FYI all the parts came in the mail separately. Except the controller and instructions are included behind the styrofoam of the wind turbine package. They seem like quality products. Very simple straight forward instructions.